Strange Sounds Coming From Your Water Heater in Conyers, GA?


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You rely on your water heater to keep you warm all winter long. If something goes wrong with it, you won’t have a heated home or hot water to shower with or wash your hands with. If you hear weird noises from your water heater, chances are something is off with it that needs to get checked out. What are some specific noises you should be looking out for?

Popping Sounds

A popping sound from a hot water heater is a common sound that occurs when something is wrong with it. Usually when you hear this sound, your water heater has a buildup of sediment and mineral deposits at the bottom.

This is a large problem for your heater because the buildup can trap water beneath the sediment, which can then cause the water tank to explode. It’s also possible for the sediment to affect the water quality. In this case, the sediment at the bottom needs to be professionally flushed out and cleaned.

Screeching Sounds

Screeching noises are another red flag to look out for. If you hear these sounds, there’s most likely a restriction in the water flow due to an issue with the control valve. If the valve is partially or completely closed off, then water won’t be able to successfully flow through the pipes into your home or business. The pipe will need to be inspected and opened if this is the case.

Crackling Sounds

This is most likely a sound you’d hear from a gas water heater. If you do, and you hear consistent crackling noises, there’s most likely some condensation on the burner. This sound is one you don’t typically need to worry about, as condensation on the burner is not something that is dangerous or needs to be fixed.

Sizzling Sounds

Unlike crackling sounds, a distinct sizzling sound from your water heater most likely requires professional inspection and intervention. Sizzling sounds happen when water drips onto the burner, signifying a leak. Water leaks have the potential to cause immense damage to your home or business, so if you hear a sizzling sound, you should contact a plumber immediately.

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Waiting to get your water heater fixed is never advised, as the longer a repair sits, the worse it could get and the more damage it could do. If you’re hearing strange noises from your water heater in Covington, or need a water heater installed, repaired, or replaced, we encourage you to call our plumbers at (678) 902-1088 as soon as possible.