How to Take Care of Your Septic Tank in the Winter


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Your septic tank is a vital part of your plumbing system, as it allows your home’s waste to separate into three layers so it can be disposed of properly. In the winter, there are additional issues that could plague your septic system due to the cold weather and snowfall.

Following are some ways you can care for your septic tank in the winter to reduce the number of repairs and replacements you may need.

Use Hot Water

Having hot water is part of what helps your septic tank continue to work. Without hot water running through it, it’s possible for there to be ice buildup. Next time you take an extra long hot bath or shower, remind yourself that it does good for your septic system!

Install Insulation

It’s important to have insulation around your tanks and pipes to ensure your septic system remains warm during the cold winter months. If you’re having consistent issues with your septic tank in the winter, it’s possible that it needs more insulation, which can be installed by a professional.

Get Tank Pumping Services

Your septic system should be pumped out regularly, and if it’s not, it can acquire build-up and breakdown earlier. If it’s exhibiting issues, there’s a good chance it’s because it hasn’t been pumped out in quite some time. It should be done about every 3-5 years, ideally before the start of winter.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products have harsh chemicals in them that are not only damaging to your health and environment, but can also be dangerous to your septic system. If you use these harsh chemicals in your toilet and drains, they then enter the sewage system, which have the possibility of causing damage. Using friendly, green products will ensure your system isn’t harmed by these chemicals.

Ensure There Are No Cracks

Water entering the tank can easily negatively impact your septic system. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure there are no cracks before there is snowfall. Extra volumes of water in your tank can cause additional problems and repairs. A professional can inspect your tank for any cracks, debris, clogs, or other issues that may be impacting your septic tank.

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