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Saving money is always in season. This summer, we want to help you save big on your water heating costs. There’s a good chance you’ll be using more water over the summer: more laundry, more showers, watering the lawn more often, doing more dishes from having people over, and more. Following are some ways you can save big on your water costs this summer.

Turn Down the Temperature

Turning down the temperature a few degrees on your water heater in the summer months can make a huge difference. This is not something that can be easily done by turning down the thermostat a few degrees –  it must be done on the water heater by a plumbing professional. 

It will be turned down just a couple degrees, as you won’t need as much hot water over the summer because you’ll most likely be taking cooling showers. Yet, you’ll still be able to notice a difference in your water bill. 

Check For Leaks

Water leaking is a silent killer for high water bills. While heaters can last for up to two decades, as they get up there in age, they can start to leak if internal parts start to fail. Even the smallest leak can add up to a large water bill and can waste a lot of water. You can easily check for a leak by checking to see if there are any puddles of water around the tank or if the outside of the tank appears to have water dripping out. 

If it does appear to have a leak, you’ll want to call a professional for plumbing repairs in Covington to immediately get it fixed. 

Check the Anode Rod

You may have never heard of an Anode rod, but it’s the tool inside the water heater that makes sure there are no harmful or corrosive elements in the water. Lead is one example of a dangerous element that has to be removed from the water. If the rod is older and less effective, it may cause corrosion in the water, leading to water that takes longer to heat up, leading to – you guessed it – a higher water bill. 

Consult with your local plumber to determine if getting a new anode rod could be the solution to saving big on your water bill. 

Make Little Changes

Making little changes to your water habits could make all the difference. Try things like taking shorter showers, taking showers instead of baths, not letting your water faucet run aimlessly (such as while you’re doing dishes or brushing your teeth), using cold or cool water for your laundry, and only running your dishwasher on full loads. You may be surprised at how big of a difference simple little changes can make!

Contact Your Local Plumber

Receiving professional insight and assistance can greatly help improve your water system and bills. The professionals at Liberty Plumbing make it their goal to fix all your plumbing issues quickly, affordably, and efficiently. 

Whether you need tank or tankless water heater repairs, replacements, or installations, you can rest assured we have the job covered. For plumbing repairs near Covington and surrounding areas, give our knowledgeable team a call today!