Common Water Heater Issues You May be Experiencing


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With winter months just around the corner, you want to make sure your HVAC system is completely ready to heat up your space. Any issues with your system can keep you from having the comfortable home you deserve. Water heaters typically only last about 8-10 years, and there are many things that can go wrong with them within that time frame. Learn what to watch out for and know that if disaster strikes, our plumbers near Conyers are here to help.

Water Won’t Get Hot

Whether it be for showers, dishes, or washing your hands, you certainly need hot water in your home. If the water is too cold and simply doesn’t heat up enough, it may be due to one of many issues such as a power issue, faulty thermostat, wrong sized water heater, crossed hot and cold water connections, or a water heater that’s too old to function properly.


Leaking from your water heater can cause serious damage to your home, possibly leading to mold, the need for ceiling repair, and more. Water leaks are usually due to causes such as a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, too high of water pressure, a valve that’s stuck, a bad gasket, overheating, and more.

Colored Water

If the water coming out of your faucets or shower is brown or rusty, there is most likely an issue with your water heater. There could be corrosion in the tank’s inner lining, perhaps due to a broken anode rod. You may be able to have the rod replaced, or may need the whole water heater replaced. A plumber will be able to assess the situation to determine what your water heater needs to be producing normal colored, healthy water again.

Strange Sounds

There shouldn’t ever be unusual nosies coming from your water heater aside from typical heating sounds. If you hear something out of the ordinary such as loud crackling, popping, banging, gurgling, poiling, or whining, something is most likely wrong. There might be some burning sediment in the tank that need to be cleaned out. There may also be overheating or pressure buildup occurring, so it’s best to get it checked out.

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