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Drain Cleaning in Forest Park, GA

Expert Drain Cleaning in Forest Park by Liberty Plumbing

At some point, it happens to everyone – your sink won’t drain, the shower backs up, or your toilet overflows. When these plumbing problems strike, you’re likely dealing with clogged drains or a blocked sewer line. These problems are more than just annoying; they pose health risks and can lead to costly damage to your floors and carpets.

Drain Cleaning in Forest Park, GA

When faced with such challenges, it’s time to bring in the experts from Liberty Plumbing for top-notch drain cleaning in Forest Park.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Normally, water and waste flow smoothly from your property into the city’s sewer line or septic system. However, over time, fats, oils, grease (known as FOG in the plumbing industry), and foreign objects can combine to create clogs, hindering water flow and potentially causing complete blockages. Additionally, tree roots are attracted to the moisture in your sewer line and can infiltrate any cracks or openings, further obstructing the system.

A Caution About Over-the-Counter Drain Cleaners

When faced with clogged drains, some may turn to store-bought drain cleaners. While these might work for minor clogs, they can’t tackle major blockages and may even harm your plumbing system and pose risks to your health. It’s much safer and more effective to rely on Liberty Plumbing’s expert plumbers, who can use augers, snakes, and advanced techniques to clear your drains.

Hydrojetting for Stubborn Blockages

For challenging blockages like those caused by tree roots, Liberty Plumbing employs a method known as hydrojetting. This process uses high-pressure water (up to 4,000 psi) to eliminate clogs in your main sewer line, including tree roots. Special hydrojet heads can cut through roots, reopening your sewer line and restoring proper wastewater flow.

The Liberty Plumbing Advantage

While there are numerous plumbers in Forest Park, GA, Liberty Plumbing stands out for several reasons:

  • Rapid Response: Our technicians are always ready to respond to service calls, ensuring a swift resolution to your drain issues.
  • Expert Diagnosis: We use cutting-edge technology like fiber optic drain cameras to pinpoint the source of your problem accurately.
  • Transparent Pricing: After diagnosing the issue, our technicians provide upfront repair options and pricing with no hidden fees. We even offer financing options if needed.
  • Fast and Comprehensive Service: Our team can quickly clear your drains and sewer lines using eco-friendly biological drain cleaners or high-pressure hydrojetting. We also offer trenchless sewer repair to minimize disruption to your property.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We back our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We won’t stop until you’re satisfied.

Residential and Commercial Drain and Sewer Cleaning from Liberty Plumbing

Liberty Plumbing takes pride in offering the highest-quality plumbing services in Forest Park, Georgia. Besides drain cleaning, we provide a range of services, including general plumbing repairs, commercial storm drain cleaning, septic tank services, and water heater repairs.

And for good measure, coupons and discounts are always available at Liberty Plumbing!

For residential and commercial plumbing needs, trust the experts at Liberty Plumbing. Call us today to schedule an appointment and let us tackle the job for you!

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