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For either residential or commercial drain cleaning, the only name you need to remember in Covington is Liberty Plumbing, your drain cleaning experts.

Hydro-jet Service for Storm Drains

For those not familiar with it, hydro-jetting involves using high-pressure or ultra-high-pressure water to open clogged drains. Essentially, hydro jetting is the only way to effectively clean storm drains that have been clogged over the years by large amounts of accumulated silt, sediment, and other assorted trash and debris.

Trying to clean away this kind of debris to reopen a storm drain using an electric sewer machine is rarely effective. The machine basically bores through the debris, leaving deposits behind that can quickly expand into new clogs blocking the storm drain.

In contrast, using a high-pressure water jetting service of up to 2,500 psi or more, hydro-jetting removes all the collected dirt and debris, leaving behind a clean, unclogged drain.

Liberty Does Commercial Drain Cleaning, Too

Hydro-jetting is also a highly effective way of cleaning drains in commercial establishments in Covington and surrounding areas.

The plumbing in commercial establishments usually receives much greater usage than the plumbing system in a private home. For good measure, these systems are usually far more complex as well.

From industrial facilities that flush large amounts of chemicals and other wastes down floor drains, to restaurants disposing of food waste and cooking oils, commercial establishments can easily run into clogging problems.

Once again, hydro-jetting is the solution to these drain issues and briefly explained, this is how drain cleaning at a commercial establishment works.

The plumber will use a clean-out to access the clogged plumbing system and will insert a hose into the plumbing system. The hose is connected to a tank and water pump, and once the hose is inserted, pressurized water is pumped from the tank to clean out the clogged drain or drains.


For Sewer and Drain Cleaning of Any Kind, Call in the Experts from Liberty Plumbing

While hydro-jetting is a highly effective way of cleaning the worst clogged storm drains and commercial and residential drain systems, the service should only be performed by highly qualified and experienced plumbers. And that’s exactly what you will always get when you call Liberty Plumbing for drain assistance.

Whatever the drain problem, from a clogged storm sewer to a clogged toilet in your home, the plumbing specialists at Liberty Plumbing can get the job done for you.

And that’s not all we can do for you in Covington. Other plumbing services we offer in Covington include water heater repair, maintenance, and installation, and septic tank services, to name only two.

Finally, always remember that we offer special discounts to seniors and members of the military. And be sure to check out our other discounts as well.

Whatever your plumbing issues may be in Covington, give us a call at Liberty Plumbing, and one of our expert plumbers will be right over to tackle and correct the problem in no time at all!

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